Amazon Jobs Warehouse Operative - GBR, W SUSX, Crawley

Amazon Jobs Warehouse Operative - GBR, W SUSX, Crawley

Warehouse Operative

Job ID: 240111046 | Amazon UK Services Ltd.

At Amazon, we recognize that work continues beyond the workplace.
This is the reason we offer warehouse positions that are suited to your needs.

Amazon Warehouse Operative

🕐 Role & Shifts
Permanent Role
day or night shift available
Full time - 40 hours, 4 days a week

💷 Pay
[Bonuses to be displayed here]

The cost for day time shifts is £12.00 per hour.
Night time shifts are charged at a rate of £1.96 per hour.
Overtime (40-50 hours) 1.5 hourly rate
Overtime (50-60 hours) x2 hourly rate

📍 Location
[City, Country
Amazon Fulfillment centre (FC) name
Street Number, Postcode, City]

🚍 Transport
FREE Transport from [city] and [city]

🎓 Experience
No prior experience is required as you will receive training while working.

What you will be doing with your team:
• Collect, examine, organize, and store all items.
• Pick, pack and ship all orders.
After training, you may also:
• Transport merchandise utilizing industrial equipment such as forklifts and motorized pallet jacks.

📦 What you will get:
- The salary offered is competitive and higher compared to other similar positions.
- An employment opportunity that provides support, including a retirement fund, insurance for life coverage, protection for loss of income, and coverage for critical illnesses and personal accidents.
- Benefit from convenient options for commuting to work, including access to cycle to work schemes and assistance for travel.
- Shift patterns that work for you
- A workplace that is secure, up-to-date, and well-arranged.
- Complimentary hot beverages, reasonably priced food options, and numerous designated rest areas available.
- Comprehensive instruction is provided on various workstations, with additional specialized training available specifically for individuals interested in operating industrial trucks and machinery.
Stringent health and safety protocols have been implemented to combat COVID-19, including enhanced cleaning, the installation of protective screens, maintaining physical distancing, provision of complimentary face masks and hand sanitizer, among other measures.
- A discount of 10% is available for products sold and shipped by Amazon when purchased online.

💪 Skills you need to bring:
• Prioritizing your safety is crucial. It is necessary for you to adhere to safety, quality, and production standards.
• It is possible that you will be required to remain on your feet and move around for an extended period, which may exceed 8 hours per work shift.
• It might be necessary for you to physically hoist and transport goods that have a weight of up to 23 kilograms.
• It may be necessary for you to have the ability to pick up, stoop down, turn, lower yourself onto your knees, and squat.
• It may be necessary for you to have the capability to manage a wide variety of Amazon merchandise, which includes items such as alcoholic beverages and pork products.

Experience the role of an Amazon Associate and gain insight into the functionality of our

🎯 What is next
We offer a fast application process.
1. Easily submit your application online within a few minutes, without the need for a CV.
2. Have a 15-minute virtual chat
3. We inform you regarding the upcoming shift options
For more info, please check here

Amazon places great importance on fostering diversity and inclusivity in its workforce. It is an equal opportunity employer that does not engage in any form of discrimination based on race, nationality, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, age, or any other protected status. If you have a disability and believe you may need accommodations during Amazon's recruitment process, please reach out to us using the contact information provided below.

Need help to apply?
📞 0808 164 9427

This role is not eligible for immigration sponsorship or assistance from Amazon.

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